What are your vegan friendly materials made out of?

For more information, please check out our Vegan Friendly & Eco Friendly Materials page.

Are the items you sell sweatshop-free?

Yes. We believe that it is important that both animals and humans be treated with respect and compassion. We have spoken to all of the shoe companies that we work with as well as many of our other suppliers. We have requested that our suppliers manufacturing outside of the United States and Canada supply us with signed documentation stating that their products are made under fair trade conditions and are not manufactured with child labor or under sweatshop conditions. Unfortunately we don't have the means to visit the manufacturing facilities ourselves, so we have to trust that they are being truthful in their statements.

Can I send items as gifts?

Yes, you may send any item as a gift.

May I purchase or redeem gift certificates online?

Yes, you may purchase gift certificates online. To redeem gift certificates online, please enter the certificate number at the appropriate point in the checkout process. If you don't use all the amount of the certificate at once, the balance will remain available for future purchases.