On the hunt for a vegan leather wallet? Look no further! Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique has a swath of choices for wallets of all styles — bi-folds, tri-folds, foldover… We have them all, and made of high-quality materials like vegan leather and sustainable cork.

The leather wallet is an American classic, but not a particularly animal-friendly one. Here at Alternative Outfitters, we offer synthetic leather alternatives as a more compassionate choice. Some of our wallets are also made using sustainably sourced materials. For example, our Matt and Nat wallets use recycled plastic bottles to create the linings, saving as many as 21 bottles per wallet! Cork is another popular sustainable material for wallets, being extremely sturdy while also soft and flexible (and ours are made in the USA). You might be surprised to see how elegant a cork wallet can look, even in comparison to a leather counterpart! We also have recycled rubber wallets for those seeking a truly unique item.

A wallet, while a very important item, is just a small part of our daily outfit. If you're ready to commit to cruelty-free clothing as well as accessories, take a look at our beautiful selections of women's clothing. We also use vegan leather and organic materials in our clothing, ensuring each item adheres to our cruelty-free standards. From tops and jackets to socks and shoes, it's not only our duty but also our passion to bring you ethical high fashion. From those vegan leather wallets you were browsing to the boots you landed on, we are vegan fashion with compassion.