Shiraleah - Reversible Tote in Silver VEGAN Leather - Olivia

$ 90.00 $ 62.99

Brand Shiraleah

Shiraleah - Reversible Tote in Silver VEGAN Leather - Olivia 

This Shiraleah Olivia Reversible Tote is classic and sophisticated, while still providing spaciousness and utility, for an everyday tote.  It has a beautiful, silver exterior with a sandy-colored interior...super-soft material! 

Shiraleah is well-known by their savvy fashionistas throughout the United States, as being a street chic, environmentally-conscious brand, with great-quality at an equally great price. 

Dimensions: 19" long x 4.5" wide x 13" high; handle length 9" 

  • pebble-grain PU
  • gold hardware
  • double handles
  • double tie-closure
  • removable top zip-pouch
  • silver exterior
  • sand interior
  • vegan

About Shiraleah

Chicago-based Shiraleah (she-ra-lay-ah) has provided a wide-range of trend-driven fashionable items, for personal-style and home décor for over 25 years.  The brand started in the mid-1990s, importing Vietnamese handicrafts and promoting them through gift retailers. Since that time, Shiraleah has grown into a category leader, offering classic street-style with a colorful, material-rich global twist. 



Function and fashion converge through Shiraleah. High quality elements and diverse appeal combine in the brand at a reasonable price. Major publications like InStyle, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Self, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Girl’s Life and Woman's World have praised the line and its products.

Shiraleah Is Environmentally Conscious

For those who appreciate the feel of leather but prefer vegan materials, Shiraleah vegan leather bags offer the best of both worlds in environmentally conscious materials such as animal-friendly, PVC-free, low impact polyurethane (PU). PU used in Shiraleah bags is produced according to strict European Green Emissions Standards. Unlike leather tanning, there is minimal toxic output during production of polyurethane. No-impact dyes and low emissions are used to further reduce environmental effect.

Polyurethane is a synthetic material with a naturally soft, leather-like feel. It is both softer and more durable than PVC. 

Shiraleah also uses cast-aside and reclaimed objects and materials for its vast collection of home décor items. Fence posts, railway ties and fallen trees are used with new life imbibed into the wood for Shiraleah candle holders, picture frames and other wood items.


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