Osmosis - CLEAR Activating Mist - 8 fl oz PRO Size

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Osmosis - CLEAR Activating Mist - 8 fl oz PRO Size

Osmosis Clear is Harmonized Water, which contains scalar waves. It aids in product penetration and stabilizes bacteria levels while empowering rejuvenation, for All Skin Types.

Product description:

  • Spray directly onto skin immediately after cleansing as well as following application of serums to help aid in absorption. Use to add ‘slip’ to product and help penetrate the ingredients of masks and Facial Infusion while performing treatments. Can be used at any point throughout the day to hydrate and reduce bacteria buildup on the skin’s surface.
  • Clear aids in product penetration through Osmosis: diffusion of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Spray on this frequency enhanced water to heal, rejuvenate and further drive products into the skin.
  • Note: This item arrived from the manufacturer w/o a seal.  Although, it's unused/unopened.

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