Osmosis Colour - Contour Shadow Brush

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Brand Alternative Outfitters Vegan Store

Osmosis Colour - Concealer Brush

The Contour Shadow Brush makes adding definition to the eyes a snap! Just sweep a deep shade into the crease to add shape and dimension to the eye. Contour your eyes by sweeping eye shadow color back and forth on the brow bone area. Use it with bronzer to add a natural contour shade on the crease of the eyes. The pencil-like shape allows you to use this brush to smudge a dark shadow for lining the bottom of the lashes or adding a darker shade of shadow at the end of the eyes for more definition. Perfect for adding foundation coverage to acne marks to disguise their appearance.
Using the proper tools can make all the difference in your daily makeup application. Brushes are like earrings. You can buy the inexpensive ones, but you must be prepared for some unwanted side effects. With earrings you could have an allergic reaction to gold or silver plating. With brushes, you could experience shedding, lack of longevity and improper, 'smudgy' application. Osmosis Brushes were created with your health and confidence in mind. The right brushes can give you Harry Potter style powers with your makeup wizardry. They really are our magic wands. Makeup is your tool to apply added confidence and bring out your personality. Your tools are just as important as your product. The material of your tools also plays a huge role in their worth. Most important, there are no rules when it comes to using your brushes. Step outside the box to see which brush works best for you! Take a closer look into our fabulous, luxury brushes and all they can do for you!