Peruvian Cocoa Azul Bliss Creme by Bella Lucce

$ 26.00 $ 22.99

Brand Bella Lucce

What is it?
Serious chocolate therapy for seriously dry skin.

How do you use it?
Massage crème onto hands, feet and everything in between to smooth rough patches, lock in moisture and feed the skin a steady supply of natural nourishment.

Who can use it?
Chocoholics, soft skin aficionados, natural crème lovers.

Why can't you live another minute without it?
Let’s face facts, shall we? You don’t need that sexy new pair of high heels. You don’t need those new granite countertops. You don’t even need that fancy navigation system in your new car. Let’s boil things down to their most basic essence: clean air, safe shelter and chocolate...most women could get by in life on those 3 things alone. Next time those chocolate cravings come calling, indulge in this rich chocolate body cream rather than the cookies and truffles. Instead of the extra calories, you’ll be pampering your skin with organic chocolate goodness and potent antioxidants designed to fortify and soften. Your hips will thank us!

260 g (9.2 ounces net weight)