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Reversible Cork Belt in Black and Tiger Brown. Vegan Belt. Made from sustainably harvested Cork tree bark. Size 36".

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Brand Cliff Belts

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Reversible Cork Belt in Black and Tiger Brown

This belt is handmade from cork fabric and reversible - two belts in one. Spice it up with additional loops and buckles.

- Lightweight
- 1.5" width

Made from sustainably harvested Cork tree bark.  Handmade in the U.S.A.

Size 36"

What is cork? Cork is the outer bark of the cork tree, which is harvested by hand without harming or killing the tree, kind of like getting wool from a sheep. Once harvested, the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.

Better than leather. Cork is environmentally preferable to leather as it comes from a lower carbon impact source (tree bark) and does not use animal products in its manufacture (a vegan product). The environmental concerns associated with leather include the energy and carbon intensity of generating animal products and the chemicals used in the leather tanning process that can be damaging to human health and the environment. Cork is a naturally beautiful and greener alternative to leather.

Supple and Lightweight. To make CLIFF belts, layers of cork are laminated to fabric, creating a durable, lightweight and supple material. Each belt is handmade and individually crafted. How does it wear? Our cork wears beautifully over time, distressing much like leather but without the weight - it can even be machine washed at 30˚C. Due to the unique nature of the material, our belts fit very comfortably and cast a thinner silhouette than most leather belts. Take a look at the belts on this page - they are the first cork belts we made, with 2+ years of tough wear

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