The Vegan Collection - Garrison Dress Belt (black)

$ 24.95

Brand The Vegan Collection

The Vegan Collection - Garrison Dress Belt (black)

This is one of the most durable, VEGAN leather belts you will find!  It's ideal, for the office, or casual, everyday wear.  It features a high-quality, synthetic, microfiber belt-strap.  Which has reinforced-stitching, and a handsome, gold buckle.

*PLEASE NOTE: Belt longevity is determined on how often the belt is worn.  We cannot guarantee the durability and longevity of this belt, when it's worn on a daily basis.


Width:  1"

Belt strap measurements (from strap end to first hole and strap end to last hole not including buckle):
XS: 28.25" - 32.25"
S: 33" - 37"
M: 35" - 40"
L: 38" - 42"
XL: 39.75" - 43.75"

Belt measurements for men (based on pant sizes):
XS: 27W - 31W
S: 32W - 33W
M: 34W - 36W
L: 36W - 37W
XL: 38W - 40W